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Telecom Engineering,

Integration, Installation,

Distribution of Network

& Telecom Equipment 


Telecom Engineering, Integration, Installation,

Distribution of Network & Telecom Equipment 



Our company is an authorized distributor of products and solutions in the area of telecommunication. For many years of our work experience in the market of telecom services, we have gained the status of a reliable distributor for more than 20 vendors, including large manufacturers. We offer not only distribution but technical support of our solutions as well, including post-warranty maintenance. Thanks to our new projects, international exhibitions, we are constantly growing and finding new vendors that will be attractive for our partners.

System Integration

There are certain tasks and wishes on the part of the customer within the framework of each project. We will help you to find an ultimate solution for each of your projects and make them meet your requirements. Our technical department is ready to develop a separate firmware for telecommunication equipment with specific features of your projects taken into account; to make all the necessary arrangements for network migration from one vendor to another;to improve your network, using our vendor`s potential or to replace equipment without any substantial expenses; adapt the equipment according to specific features of a building/weather conditions.

Design and Construction

Thanks to our huge experience, we are glad to help our customers within the framework of each project, including design and construction stages. Our team will help you to develop technical documentation, obtain all legal approvals, all required certifications, operating permits and will manage equipment delivery. Our company has a license for construction works, thus, our certified engineers/assembly teams will manage telecom construction of your facility.  


“Managed Service Group” (MSG), Ltd, was established in 2008.

Our Company is a system integrator and distributor. We are working with the largest telecom companies from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union as well as with private business customers from CIS countries. 

MSG has an opportunity to produce its own telecom equipment (have production partners in China and Russia); design, including the completion of installation\construction works; develop software and coding for IT equipment to make it compatible with existing Customer networks.

Our Company also has extensive experience installing Internet networks (LAN, WAN), Wi-Fi (having equipment in stock), and IT services for arranging Exhibitions and Conferences.

MSG also partners with Startups, IoT, smart technologies, IT business development, issues of Internet connections, site surveys as well as distribution of goods and services worldwide.  

Our company has a storage facility in Moscow, (Russia). We also deliver equipment from China and Europe. Our head office is located in Moscow, Russia.

About Us


Cisco Systems, Inc.

US transnational corporation that is developing and selling network equipment. It strives to offer its customers a complete range of network equipment and, thus, provide an opportunity for its customers to purchase absolutely all the necessary network equipment exclusively from Cisco Systems.

Ubiquiti Networks

is arguably one of the most famous manufacturers, producing all-weather Wi-Fi hotspots suitable for working with a big number of users, high-performance Wi-Fi wireless equipment, IP cameras, “smart” Wi-Fi, different routers and switches.


Network products for home and small offices offered by an American company called Belkin International. It comprises wireless routers, Ethernet switches, video cameras that have wireless access to the Internet, audio/video production, network data storage systems, etc. This brand has a leading position in the network equipment markets of many countries.


Latvian manufacturer of network equipment. MikroTik is developing and selling both wired and wireless network equipment including routers, network switches, Wi-Fi access points as well as program software — operating systems and additional software.


Focused only on Wi-Fi products and has patented dozens of inventions in this area.Outdoor and indoor access points are used by communications service providers and corporate clients in areas where it is required to distribute guaranteed traffic for a big number of users.


Leading manufacturer of Wi-Fi devices (base stations) for the areas with a large number of users, like: big events, meetings, stadiums, shopping centers, etc. These are powerful devices that have different integrated methods of radio planning. 



A complete range of devices for radio planning, radio coverage survey and assistance in Wi-Fi network optimization, including radio frequency spectrum analysis. 

Radwin Ltd.

Equipment for wireless broadband access by radio relay links, wireless bridges under “point-to-point” and “point-to-multipoint” schemes within frequencies lower than 6 GHz. RADWIN has a broad partner network and has installed more than 100,000 devices in more than 100 countries. 


Offers wireless solutions for transport. Siklu provides gigabyte link of wireless transmission under the lowest price in this market segment by means of millimeter-wave systems readjustment. Solutions offered by Siklu are easily scalable and allow service providers to develop their networks from 2G/3G to HSPA and 4G. Radio frequency registration is not required.


Company specializes on delivering radio telecommunication systems and works under patented revolutionary system - CompositeOptical-RF (COR™) technology. It offers innovative ideas in the area of high-speed wireless equipment as an addition or as a substitute for fiber-optic cables.  


LightPointe company offers revolutionary solutions in the area of “point-to-point” radio telecom equipment (within 60/70/80 frequency range — no registration required). All-weather laser-working radiobridges, with high reliability and tested in harsh climatic conditions.


SolecTek company produces radio telecom equipment which is widely used for: broadcasting voice services, data and streaming video. SolecTek is a leading company in the area of “point-to-point” and “point-to-multipoint” telecom equipment within unlicensed and licensed frequency bands and has its presence in more than 90 countries of the World.


IP-COM is a leading global supplier of SMB network equipment. Company is working in the market of the US and running the manufacturing in China. Production of this company is of high quality and capable of competing with other manufacturers` production. This company offers IT-solutions for small enterprises, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.

Spon Technology Ltd.

SPON Communication Technology Co., LTD is the largest national manufacturer of IP-intercoms and internal security systems. Some items of company`s production range:

IP-networks for audio-technology.

IP-networks for public networks.

IP-networks for internal communications systems.

2N Telekomunikace

2N is a leading European company, specializing on the development and production of ICT and security products.

The company offers IP-intercoms for door communication and emergency calls, IP-systems for public access and M2M products that reflect the latest trends in the area of site security. The company has a leading position in the market of IP-intercoms and company`s production comply with rigorous international standards (ISO, TÜV, UL, CE)  and is compatible with the systems produced by third-party manufacturers (ONVIF, Milestone, Cisco, Bosch, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent and many other ones).


LANDE A.S. is a manufacturer of high-tech server cases and accessories well-known in Turkey. The company in its current form was established in 2012 by a team of professionals and leaders with 20 years of work experience in the market of server units with the aim of providing the market with the most modern, innovative, ergonomic and functional production in affordable price segment. This is a company that offers high-quality professional solutions in the market of IT-technologies, such as 19" server cases and accessories, cases for network equipment, server cases and racks for Data Centers.


Teltonika is a manufacturer of equipment and software for satellite monitoring. The company was established in 1998 with its head office in Lithuania. At the present moment this is an international Lithuanian-Finnish company working in the area of M2M IoT technologies. Teltonika offers a wide range of 3G/4G LTE routers, GPS-trackers, including devices for personal monitoring. 




Company was established in 2010, located at Shenzhen, China. ZBT is a manufacturer professional in R&D and producing network equipment, products are included POE switch, Access Point, OpenWRT Wi-Fi router, Vehicle router, outdoor CPE, 3G/4G Wi-Fi router. ZBT also is a Wi-Fi coverage solutions provider, provides the solution for a hotel, school, hospital, enterprise, vehicle field etc.




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